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We are a leading provider of blockchain technology and crypto solutions, seamlessly connecting investors and streamlining capital markets.

Innovation: a necessity, not an option

If the capital markets infrastructure was to be rebuilt from scratch would it look as it does now? We don’t think so.

Whilst other sectors have ‘gone digital’, capital markets are still highly inefficient. The current securities transaction life cycle is costly, time-consuming and full of risk, often taking three days or more for settlement.

We streamline capital markets

At Equichain, we harness blockchain technology to reinvent and simplify the investment process for the next generation of capital market participants.

In a world where trading and post-trading venues are consolidated, our award-winning platform seamlessly connects investors with one another. Thereby much of the friction in today’s investment life cycle can be removed – reducing counterparty, credit and currency risk, lowering cost and driving efficiency.

Connecting investors through technology

Going back to the first principles of capital markets, our vision is to directly connect issuers with investors in primary markets and investors with investors in secondary markets:
a truly end-to-end blockchain-based solution.

Equichain Exchange

We are building the first blockchain-based exchange for regulated securities.


Your partner for innovation in financial technology

We design and build fintech solutions in addition to offering a range of professional services. Whether it’s by joining our working community or through our technology consulting services – our custodian, asset manager and market infrastructure clients rely on us to streamline processes, improve their risk profile, diversify revenue streams and digitise the client experience.

Why Equichain

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