Equichain Exchange (EQX)

The ultimate vision: a blockchain-based exchange for regulated securities

The problem with ICOs

Initial coin offerings (ICOs) have surged in popularity as a new method of raising capital. ICOs can connect investors directly with issuers, thereby reducing inherent risks, inefficiencies and costs of participating in today’s global markets. However, ICOs are in a regulatory grey area and have come under immense scrutiny by financial regulators around the world.

Market efficiency coupled with regulated governance

That is why we are building Equichain Exchange (EQX) – the world’s first fully regulated blockchain-based exchange for equity-IPOs and secondary market trading. Cryptographic (i.e. native digital) equities are issued directly on a blockchain in fiat or crypto-currencies, tradable on the same secondary market venue. Investors are provided with access to early stage hyper growth companies and liquidity in the secondary market – with the necessary regulation and protection in place.

A white-label solution with global appeal

EQX redefines the capital markets structure from the ground up and streamlines the investment process with blockchain technology. It will create an investment destination for global investors and issuers in any jurisdiction where it is installed. The first instance will be in Abu Dhabi Global Market. Read the full press release or latest interview with Nicholas Bone, CEO of Equichain and Richard Teng, CEO of the FSRA in Abu Dhabi.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could couple the market efficiencies of an initial coin offering (ICO) with the regulated governance and investor protection of a traditional equity-IPO? That’s why we’re building EQX – the exchange for regulated, cryptographic IPOs.

Nicholas Bone

Founder and CEO at Equichain

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